January 9, 2017

As winter settles in here in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ, you’re probably dreaming of warmer weather. You may also have a New Year’s resolution related to saving more and finally going on that dream vacation.

So, what can you do this winter to stay comfortable at home while also saving on your energy bills? Here are four tips to help you make the most out of the cold weather while also working towards your financial goals.

1. Preventive Maintenance

Regularly tuning up your HVAC systems is key to their operation. Not only does preventive maintenance for your heating system ensure that it won’t break down unexpectedly, but it also has additional health, comfort and savings benefits.

Regular service ensures your HVAC air filters are cleaned and replaced, stopping your home’s indoor air quality from suffering. A tuneup also helps your system work efficiently, keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature while working to eliminate exorbitant heating costs.

2. Use Fans

Although you may already use a fan to keep you cool in the summer, it can also work to keep you warm during the winter as well. Fans don’t cool the air, they simply help to move it and can help with evaporation off of your skin when it’s too warm. Using a fan set on low rotating in a clockwise direction to help circulate heated air throughout a room in your home can help you stay comfortable and save on heating costs this winter.

3. Add Attic Insulation

Insulation provides a heat barrier between your home envelope and the outdoors. This means that during the colder weather, it works to make your home warmer and in the summer months, it helps to make your living space cooler. Attic insulation, in particular, is crucial to keeping you comfortable throughout the year, while also helping you save on home heating and cooling costs.

4. Consider Air Sealing

Your home has hundreds, if not thousands, of little gaps and cracks in its building envelope. This means air can readily move in and out. The stack effect, which causes warm air to rise and pull in cold, outdoor air into your home, can be detrimental to your comfort and energy costs. By air sealing and closing up those gaps, you’ll be able to stay warm and significantly cut down on your home’s heating bills.

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