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No matter how you feel about this time of the year, there’s no escaping the fact that the cold weather is on its way. Fall is a beautiful season in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, but it also means that winter isn’t far behind. Many homeowners first think about whether or not their heating system is ready for the winter, which is certainly an important thing to take into consideration.

Fall is a time for reflection. With the hustle and bustle of summer coming to an end and cooler, crisper air moving in, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about energy efficiency and how it relates to the home. There are many ways in which to your improve your Monmouth or Ocean Counties home’s performance, but one of the most effective paths to take is to upgrade your home heating and cooling system.

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Though summer weather may be trying to hold on in Monmouth and Ocean counties, fall is clearly on its way. It’s a time of year when many people choose to get back into the swing of things after a fun, relaxing summer, and also the perfect time to start thinking about home efficiency.

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Though it may be hard to believe that summer is drawing to a close here in Ocean and Monmouth counties, many homeowners are starting to gear up for the cool, comfortable temperatures of fall that lay ahead. Winter may be a little ways out, but anyone who has lived in the area for even just a few years knows that it can come quick—seemingly overnight some years. Contrary to what you might think as you hold onto these last few days of summer, it’s not too early to start thinking about the health of your home heating system.

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The hum of air conditioners in Monmouth and Ocean counties during summer months is virtually a constant, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on keeping your energy bill under control. In fact, there are some very simple actions you can take today to keep AC costs down. Here are 4 of the most common, energy-wasting mistakes we see homeowners making this time of year:

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Even though summer may soon be coming to a close, it’s no secret that the hot temperatures are continuing on. Now is the time for homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean Counties to start thinking about improving their home’s efficiency (or home performance) as the fall approaches, and one of the best ways to kick things off is to take a look at your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ).

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Summer is flying by here in New Jersey, and residents are trying their best to stay cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy task for all homeowners. Some find that their home comfort systems are simply too old to keep up with their demands, while others run the risk of experiencing interruptions on the hottest days of the year.

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You’ve probably switched from hot to iced coffee for the summer months and, similarly, your home systems have made the switch from heating to cooling mode! No matter what temperature you’re trying to keep the air inside your house, boosting efficiency is important. Many of the same principles to home energy efficiency apply year-round.

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If you’ve ever had a washing machine that walks during the spin cycle, or a boat engine that leaves a Valdez-sized oil slick behind it, you know that a machine is only as good as the technician who works on it. The Tom Rostron team does professional, efficient and timely installations and maintenance for AC units, even during the heat of a New Jersey summer!