Giving Back in 2016

Giving Back in 2016

Tom Rostron installed a complete heating system in Wall Township for free

Living in the Northeast forces us to accept the fact that cold weather, wool socks and cranked thermostats will characterize at least a few months out of the year. For those of us who have lived in New Jersey for a while, the chill of winter has become expected; a part of our daily routine this time of year. Some even look forward to the months when warm beverages and ample couch time reign supreme. For others, though, this time of year can come with a sense of uncertainty and fear that can all but take over—especially true of the less fortunate.

Tom Rostron and his team are dedicated to making the challenging New Jersey winter less difficult for everyone by keeping the community safe, no matter the cost. We love the Wall Township community, and it broke our hearts to hear of a family that had suffered a complete heating system failure and had been unable to keep their home warm and comfortable. Unable to afford a new heating system and with several young children, we knew it was our job to step in and help them out.

On January 29th, our team of home performance professionals visited this family’s home to deliver a gift that will hopefully continue to keep on giving for years to come—a brand new, multi-thousand dollar heating system. We spent the course of a day completely replacing the family’s outdated HVAC system with one that is modern and energy-efficient. The results? Reduced heating bills, better indoor air quality and, most importantly, lasting comfort for the remaining months of winter and the seasons that follow.

Giving back is all part of our initiative to keep all of our customers serve happy, healthy and comfortable in their homes. Our company couldn’t be happier to give back to the community, and we look forward to serving residents of Monmouth and Ocean Counties with our home and energy upgrade services throughout 2016 and beyond.

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