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Dear Misters Rostron, Senior and Junior, using the e-mail address on the magnet left when our furnace was installed, I sent the following letter only for it to be returned as undeliverable. Judy was kind enough to provide the correct address. Below is the mail we hoped you would have received first thing this morning:

Dear Mr. Rostron, Sr. and Mr. rostron, Junior, we are overwhelmed! As senior citizens, we have had years of dealing with businesses. Often it felt like our problems were neither comprehended nor handled accurately, respectfully, or timely. We have grown a bit jaded, tending to think the term ‘customer disservice’ was more appropriate. Mary’s courtesy and the efficiency with which she investigated our billing problem and quickly reported its resolution had already impressed us greatly. We were delighted to know there was no reluctance to have a refund.

The gift of Edible Flowers was astonishing, beautiful, and delicious (especially the dark chocolate on the apple slices!). A confusing problem became a most positive experience. It multiplied our respect for you and your company tremendously. For exhibiting a level of integrity and thoughtfulness we had grown to think was absent in business today, we truly thank you.


Robert and Jane Wilber


Robert and Jane Wilber
Coastal New Jersey

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