5 Common Signs Your A/C Needs Repair or Replacement, tom rostron

May 16, 2016

When people purchase new equipment, they often do so with the hopes that it will continue serving them for years (if not decades) to come. This being said, all equipment is subject to wear and tear over the years, and even the most expensive units will eventually stop operating at peak capacity. This very same concept can be applied to your AC unit, which just so happens to be a crucial element of comfort and home performance during the summertime.

Here are five common signs for homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean counties who are unsure as to whether or not their AC is in need of repair or air conditioning replacement to consider as we move closer to summer:

1. Limited Airflow

You can pretty much rest assured that if your AC unit isn’t pushing out a good amount of air or is having a problem keeping the air cool, something is probably up with it. This could be a result of numerous different common issues, such as clogged ductwork or piping. No matter what’s causing it, allowing the problem to persist isn’t going to help anything.

2. Excess Moisture

Is there moisture pooling around your AC unit? If so, you’ve got a problem that needs to be dealt with. Excessive amounts of moisture coming out of your AC are not to be considered normal, and in some cases, you might have a refrigerant leak occurring. The minute you notice moisture emitting from your AC, it’s time to call Tom Rostron for an evaluation.

3. Odd Noises

Has your AC been clacking, clicking, grinding or chattering lately? It may seem harmless, but an excessively noisy air conditioning unit is not normal and should not be allowed to continue. It may mean that something is broken, which could result in electrical failure and enhance the risk of fire.

4. Strange Smells

Odd noises are bad enough; strange smells can be downright scary. This is especially true if there’s a smokey or burning smell emitting from your AC, which should be considered an emergency. Once things start smelling “off,” you know that it’s time to do something about the problem.

5. Increasing Energy Bills

Have your energy bills gone through the roof lately? Does your AC seem to be the culprit? High energy bills and faltering performance may mean that you’re in need of AC repair or outright replacement, especially with the summer months approaching. If you notice your bills skyrocket the moment your AC clicks on, it’s time to fix the problem.

Don’t go into the summer unprepared—contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.