Like all sealed buildings, New Jersey homes deal with re-circulated air. Picture this— you are continually inhaling the same air in your house. This illustrates the necessity for a device to scrub and sanitize your indoor air of all impurities.

People often ask us a recurring question about air contaminants, “Do I opt for an air filtration system or an air sanitizer?” “Is there a difference between air sanitizers and air filtration systems?”

Allow us to demystify their roles and variations for you. Read on!

Understanding Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems are utilized in commercial and residential buildings to eliminate both bacteriological and physical impurities that can taint indoor air. However, they are not engineered to remove gaseous pollutants. These systems come in various types and sizes, from affordable desktop models to advanced high-end systems. Their effectiveness hinges on their ability to collect and filter air impurities.

The Mechanics of an Air Filtration System

An air filtration system enables air to travel through integrated filters to eradicate various air particles. Installing these systems between your HVAC system and return air ducts is recommended to purify the air circulating in your home.

Air filtration systems can filter pollutants like cigarette smoke, pet dander, pollen, dust mites, soil, mold, ash, fungus, mildew, and bacteria.

Defining Air Sanitizers

Air sanitizers can also be referred to as air filtration systems. Typically, these portable devices deliver sanitized and cleaner indoor air in residential spaces. An air sanitizer can be an effective solution for those with issues with gaseous pollutants, odors, allergens, microbial contaminants, dust, dander, smoke, and other irritants.

How an Air Sanitizer Works

Air sanitizers, much like air filtration systems, eliminate pollutants from your indoor air. However, air sanitizers eradicate all air impurities through UV (ultraviolet) germicidal lights instead of built-in filters or screens. This assures a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. Notably, they also operate quietly.

Why Should I Invest in One?

Air pollutants are predominantly microscopic elements that come in various forms. If left unchecked, these pollutants can negatively affect your health and comfort. Thus, an air filtration system or air sanitizer is necessary to filter these pollutants and reduce your susceptibility to airborne diseases. They foster a healthier indoor environment by eliminating air pollutants and alleviating the symptoms of respiratory-related illnesses, asthma, allergies, dry throat, eczema, itchy skin, cold, flu, irritations, and more.

Expert Recommendations

The myriad options available can be intimidating when deciding on the right system. Here are some expert tips to make the best choice.

Determine Your Requirements

Evaluate your needs and stipulate your requirements to refine your options. Are you seeking a system that eliminates both odors and air particles? Do you wish to eradicate gaseous pollutants such as carbon monoxide? Identify your exact needs before purchasing.

Opt for High Efficiency

Systems with high-efficiency ratings are the best choice. A HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter system yields the most satisfactory results. This type of filter eradicates nearly 100% of air pollutants in your space, securing an indoor environment free of air pollutants.

Consider Your Space’s Size

The system you select should be capable of purifying your entire space—commercial or residential. Ensure to measure your room’s square footage before making a final decision.

Prioritize Convenience and Features Over Style

Choose a system that is portable (can be moved anywhere), operates silently, and boasts convenient features for added comfort. Consider its features and overall benefits when buying an air filtration system or air sanitizer.

Choose Certified and Proven Systems

If the product complies with industry standards and criteria, it’s a wise choice. Certifications indicate that it has undergone testing and proven its quality and efficiency. Look for the label and check for certifications.

Which Should I Choose?

The answer is contingent on your specific IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) requirements and the nature of your space. If you need help deciding whether to choose an air filtration system or sanitizer, contact an HVAC contractor like Rostron Premium Home Services. We are happy to assist you with your needs in New Jersey.