Rostron Premium Home Services installs both ductless and traditional systems. Ductless air conditioning units, also known as mini-split systems, have several advantages over traditional ducted systems.

  1. Flexibility: Ductless units can be installed in a variety of locations, making them an ideal choice for homes and buildings where ductwork is not possible or practical. They can be installed in a single room or in multiple rooms, and they can be used to supplement or replace an existing ducted system.
  2. Energy efficiency: Ductless systems are highly efficient because they do not lose energy through duct leaks, which can account for up to 30% of energy loss in traditional ducted systems. Additionally, because they can be installed in individual rooms, you can control the temperature of each room separately, which can save energy and money.
  3. Easy installation: Installing a ductless system is much easier and less invasive than installing a ducted system. Ductless units only require a small hole to be drilled in the wall, which makes installation quick and easy.
  4. Improved air quality: Ductless systems have advanced filtration systems that can remove dust, allergens, and other pollutants from the air, which can improve indoor air quality.
  5. Quiet operation: Ductless systems are known for their quiet operation, which makes them an ideal choice for bedrooms or other spaces where noise is a concern.

Ducted systems, on the other hand, have some advantages, including the ability to cool an entire home or building with a single system, and the ability to be integrated with existing ductwork. However, ducted systems are more expensive to install and operate, and they can be less energy-efficient than ductless systems due to duct leaks and the need to cool a large area all at once.

Rostron Premium Home Services is a Daikin dealer.

Daikin’s split and multi-split type air conditioning systems offer superior performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles. An extensive product lineup utilizes Daikin technology for lower costs and environmental impact.

Daikin Advantages:

Individual Control – Each indoor unit can be operated independently to deliver air comfort only to rooms where needed.

Flexible Installation – Daikin compact split/multi split air conditioners easily install to residences where space is limited.

Energy & Cost Savings – Advanced inverter and heat pump technologies achieve greater efficiency and energy-savings at lower costs.

Extensive Product Lineup – A broad array of models allows the perfect match of style and performance to any interior space.


  • Connects one indoor unit to an outdoor unit.
  • Installs simply and unobtrusively to buildings with no need for ductwork.
  • Delivers a sophisticated air conditioning solution to single zone interior spaces at an affordable price.
  • Provides a simple solution for one-room additions.

Multi Split: 

  • Connects up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit.
  • Installs a complete air conditioning system to multiple zone interior spaces with no need for ductwork.
  • Provides individual control of room temperature settings.
  • Enables indoor units of different styles and capacities in one system for customized solutions unique to each residential setting.


Providing the latest in air comfort technology is Daikin’s mission. Consult your nearest Daikin representative to learn what special features are built into the models in your area.

Inverter Technology

Air conditioner compressors are driven by motor, and motor rotation speed depends on power supply frequency. An inverter modulates power supply frequency to control motor rotation speed. Inverters stabilize temperature by adjusting compressor operation according to load to eliminate waste and save energy.

Even adopting an inverter to the fan motors of the indoor and outdoor units provides more precise control and contributes to energy savings.

Humidifying / Dehumidifying

Daikin technology manages humidity at any temperature without need for a water tank in providing users with the best in convenience and air comfort. (Ururu Sarara)

Heat Pump Performance

Both extremely hot and cold regions use and depend on the efficiency of heat pump technology to achieve energy savings.

Quiet Operation

Low operation sound has been achieved for greater comfort and quiet environment.

At the end of the day, just choose the right air conditioning contractor!

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