As you probably know by now, Rostron Premium Home Services offers top of the line plumbing services. Our license plumber tackles all types of jobs and he wants to keep your home safe with the latest technology.

Now is a great time to protect your property from the threat of water damage. FloLogic is a premium solution recommended by insurance providers, home security experts and plumbers to constantly monitor your home’s plumbing ecosystem catch and automatically stop leaks of virtually any size in real time.

Catastrophic water damage is the primary threat to your home and FloLogic can virtually eliminate the threat, while not interrupting your normal water use. With FlogLogic, you have ongoing protection and can qualify for significant annual premium savings on property insurance.

FloLogic is the premium leak control technology that is made in the USA with industrial-grade cast bronze valves, has un-matched installation versatility for up to 2-inch water service and offers the most comprehensive and precise real-time leak detection available.

How does FloLogic work?

FloLogic is installed at the point where water enters the home.

The FloLogic EverWatch™ operating system constantly monitors all water in the plumbing supply to detect leaks as small as a 0.5 ounces-per-minute, no matter their location. No other system offers such precise real time leak detection.

While typical water is in intervals, leaks produce a continuous flow. They are automatically stopped as soon as flow times violate your Home or Away settings. You are notified immediately through the app. Check out the video below for more details:

Your Steps to Getting FloLogic Protection:

Confirm your water supply pipe size and order from, by calling FlogLogic at 877-365-5644, or we can do that for you! Call Rostron Premium Home Services today at 732-223-8221. We’ll get you set up with one of our Project Managers for a FREE estimate. Our license plumber will get this installed ASAP!

Enjoy peace of mind that your home is protected while you save on insurance rates.

Other Plumbing Leak Facts:

  • 8.1% of homes experience a plumbing leak each year—that’s 1 in 12
  • The odds are in favor of plumbing leaks: • Fire damage: 1 in 333 homes per year • Burglary: 1 in 36 homes per year • Plumbing leak: 1 in 12 homes per year
  • Plumbing leaks cause more than $13 billion in claims paid by U.S. insurers annually
  • Leaks destroy property, cause mold infestation and can jeopardize future insurance coverage
  • However, catastrophic leak damage is entirely preventable when you install a FloLogic System! Plumbing Leak Facts *Facts compiled from: U.S. Housing Survey, National Fire Protection Association, FBI Statistics, Insurance Information Institute • Plumbing Supply Lines—hoses that connect to washers, icemakers, toilets and other appliances often fail