So you are driving around the Monmouth & Ocean County, you probably have been seeing billboards that read, “$69 tune ups, CALL TODAY!” These billboards are up all over the place! To be totally honest, nothing in the HVAC world costs $69, that billboard is a lie. These companies want the phone to ring so they can try to turn that $69 into something more. It’s unethical and a practice supported by giant companies & private equity.

We don’t want you to get fooled! Do your research, know what companies have been bought out. Do you know over 12 local Monmouth & Ocean County companies have been acquired by big business in the last few years?! They might have the same name, but that doesn’t mean they are using the same ethics that helped them get bought out in the first place. It’s even more unfortunate that these companies aren’t even telling their own customers!! We will not say any local companies in this blog, but a quick google search will probably do the trick.

What difference does it make? Instead of telling you, we are going to show you what it means to work for a HVAC company that was bought out by a massive company or a private equity. Below is a recent reddit job board, these are real HVAC workers who now work for massive HVAC companies/ private equity…

Example #1: From my experience there is no upside to it as a tech or customer. I worked for a company that was family owned and it was awesome. Wouldn’t have left if you threw a great offer in front of me. Fast forward 3 years and they sold out and it was all downhill from there. Employees had no voice. All they cared about was sales. Pushed for all of the service techs, maintenance techs, and even installers to upsell. The quality of work went down because they no longer cared about the technical side. Days got longer. On call got worse and you could guarantee to be out until midnight if you were on call. I left and went to a family owned company and it is absolutely night and day. My wife even commented on how happy she was that I made the change because it made me a happier person and gave me more time with her and my son.

Example #2: I’m a service tech. Been in the trade for over ten years, company was sold to Apex last year. I was basically forced to start being a salesman, it’s all about building options and increasing the ticket average, slow it’s down and doing 4 lucrative calls rather than running 8 and swapped a capacitor and running. If you want to succeed with a company like them, you need to already need like top 1% in the trade if you want to make money.

Example #3: Private equity, regardless of industry, are a leech to the consumer. They are a middleman for financing a company, but actually provide zero value to the tech or the customer. They are NON VALUE ADDED, and are just looking to make hefty, hefty profits on their “investment”.

Example #4: Company bought 2 years ago. They are currently in the process of gutting us. Half our customers walked over the high prices, others walked because of the corporate bullshit. Most guys that were worth anything went out on their own. A few guys like myself have 1 year left then will test for license and bail. They will promise nothing will change. Totally ruined our shops name and reputation that took 30 years to build.

I think you get the point. Think about it, those are just the workers, imagine what the customers are actually saying?!

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