At Rostron Premium Home Services, we install both Heat Pumps & Gas Furnaces.

Did you know… The Inflation Reduction Act includes a $2,000 tax incentive for homeowners to upgrade their gas furnace with a heat pump.

Gas Furnace vs Heat Pump Tax Incentives 

The tax incentive alone is pushing a lot of people to choose heat pump vs gas furnace this year. Largely because the tax incentive is $1,400 more for installing a heat pump instead of a gas furnace. The incentive for replacing your gas furnace with a qualifying heat pump is up to a $2,000 tax credit. The incentive for replacing a gas furnace with another qualifying gas furnace is only $600.

Gas Furnace vs Heat Pump Technical Differences (in simple terms)

A gas furnace uses both natural gas (and propane) as well as electricity to heat your home or building. It uses electricity to power the fan that moves the heated air and gas to produce the flame that heats.

A gas furnace utilizes a “straight AC” condenser outdoors and an “A coil” connected to the furnace to provide cooling.

A heat pump uses electricity only and doesn’t burn gas fuel. The electricity is used to power the same type of fan found in a furnace as well as a compressor that pumps refrigerant. As the refrigerant moves between the indoor & outdoor coils it transfers heat into your home.

A heat pump provides both cooling & heating using a heat pump condenser outdoors and an air handler indoors.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps

In recent years, more and more manufacturers have developed better “cold climate heat pumps”. It’s not unusual to see data sheets on cold climate heat pumps that remain operable in temperatures below -30°F nowadays.

Which Offers Better Heating Performance

15 years ago, if you asked us which performs better gas furnace vs heat pump, we would say to choose the gas furnace. Today, with so many inverter-driven, variable speed heat pumps available we probably will say the inverter heat pump. However both work and it all depends on what best fits your budget and comfort.

Gas Furnaces vs Heat Pumps Today & Past

Like everything else the technology of both gas furnaces and heat pumps have advanced exponentially. Gas furnaces are far safer, burn cleaner, and operate more efficiently than the gas furnaces of the past. Heat Pumps no longer have the performance issues and “quirks” they once did in cold weather.

Again, clearly gas furnaces are in the EPA’s crosshairs. HVAC equipment manufacturers have taken notice and there’s been a shift towards advanced heat pumps from every brand.

That said, when facing the question, what’s the future hold for gas furnaces vs heat pumps – my money is on heat pumps. Even Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, the electric car company is currently working on the next generation of heat pump.

At the end of the day, just choose the right HVAC  contractor!

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