Are you a new homeowner? If so, congratulations! This exciting chapter comes with many new responsibilities and things to learn. Whether you purchase a new or existing construction, all homeowners need to be educated on their HVAC systems. In this article, we will share the top 10 things you need to know to ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently for years to come.

#10 – Regular Maintenance is Key: Regular maintenance is key to a long-lasting efficient HVAC system. All homeowners should seek maintenance once or twice every year from a Rostron Premium Home Service technician. Our trained techs can assess the efficiency of your unit and ensure it is free of damage and problems. Even if your heating and cooling system is running well, it’s important that you have annual maintenance appointments to assess the energy efficiency and overall performance of your unit. Rostron Premium Home Services offers a maintenance membership! Call our front office today to learn more information!

#9 – Familiarize Yourself with External Components: You don’t need to become an expert HVAC technician when you purchase a home, but you should familiarize yourself with the external components of your unit. Rostron Premium Home Services recommends that you familiarize yourself with the HVAC unit tough to identify the major components, such as the condenser coil, compressor, electrical components, and fan. Being familiar with these parts can help you spot potential problems in the future and avoid costly breakdowns.

#8 – Replace Your Filters Often: Air filters play an important role in your HVAC system. Over time, they get dirty and clogged from filtering out dust, debris, and animal dander, which is why you need to be vigilant in replacing them. Rostron Premium Home Services recommends replacing your HVAC air filters every 6 months to ensure you maintain good indoor air quality and efficient airflow throughout your home. During the peak summer and winter months when you are running your HVAC system all day long, you may need to replace the air filter sooner. Take note of how quickly your air filters get dirty so you know when to replace them in the future.

#7 – Check Your Thermostat: Your thermostat is a very important component of your HVAC system. A faulty thermostat can lead to a host of problems for your HVAC unit, including inefficient heating and cooling, poor temperature control, and high energy bills. If you suddenly run into these problems, make sure to inspect your thermostat before replacing your entire HVAC system. Oftentimes, older thermostats can be replaced with programmable thermostats, which can help improve energy efficiency and overall comfort in your home. Rostron Premium Home Services can install new thermostats for you or walk you through the current thermostat you currently have.

#6 – Inspect Your Insulation: Insulation is another critical component to the success and efficiency of your HVAC system. If you have purchased an existing construction, you may want to have your insulation inspected to ensure it is still effectively insulated in your home. However, all homes often have the problem of air leaking out of poorly insulated areas, such as the attic.

#5 – Watch for Warning Signs:  All homeowners should watch for warning signs that something is wrong with their HVAC systems. Strange noises, uneven heating and cooling, and sudden changes in your electricity bill are all signs that something is not right. Take note of any changes you notice in your HVAC unit and schedule a service appointment so your technician can identify and solve the problem. It is crucial that you seek professional service from Rostron Premium Home Service as soon as you start to notice these warning signs with your unit. Any of these signs can turn into major problems if left unresolved, so act quickly if this happens

#4 – Understand Indoor Air Quality: Understanding indoor air quality is another important part of being a responsible homeowner. There are many factors that impact indoor air quality, including pet dander, airborne debris, and humidity. Poor indoor air quality can cause a host of health problems for you and your family members, especially in those with respiratory conditions like asthma. Replacing your air filters often is a great way to maintain good indoor air quality, but there are a few other system enhancements you can consider if you seek additional help improving your air quality. Portable air purifiers and air scrubbers can help maintain good indoor air quality. Further, we recommend that homeowners utilize dehumidifiers to reduce the amount of humidity in their homes. Rostron Premium Home Service Project Managers & Service Techs can lead you in the right direction.

#3 – Be Ready for Storms: Storms and other inclement weather can damage external components of your HVAC unit, which is why it’s so important that homeowners prepare ahead of time for storms. Ahead of inclement weather, make sure to secure any outdoor furniture, grills, or decorations that could become flying debris during the storm. We also recommend that you trim any dead tree branches that may land on your unit during a storm. Debris like this can cause significant damage to the external components of your HVAC system, leading to steep repair costs. This can largely be avoided if you prepare ahead of time for storms and protect your HVAC unit from damage

#2 – Monitor Your Energy Costs: We recommend that all homeowners pay close attention to their energy bills. As a new homeowner, you may not have a solid baseline to consider but try to monitor your energy costs every month to notice any significant changes. Sudden jumps in energy costs are a cause for concern and warrant an assessment by an HVAC technician. However, gradual increases in energy costs can also signify a problem with your system. If you notice these changes in your bills, make sure to raise your concerns with your HVAC technician who can ensure your unit is energy efficient and free of problems.

#1 – Budget for Repairs & Maintenance: Our final tip for new homeowners is to budget for repairs and maintenance costs. All HVAC units will need repairs at one point or another during the lifespan of the unit, however, being prepared for these costs can make a huge difference. Don’t skip your annual maintenance appointments with Rostron Premium Home Service. You may find them to be unnecessary, especially if your unit is running well, but trained technicians can spot problems before they start to cause inconveniences. So, make sure to budget for repairs and maintenance to be prepared for anything that may pop up with your unit. Call our front office about becoming a member with Rostron Premium Home Service! 732-223-8221