Rebates Your Contractor May Not Be Telling You About, home performance financing, tom rostron

March 23, 2015

For many homeowners, saving money is of the utmost importance, and why wouldn’t it be? Winter is always a reminder of just how much money energy expenses can add up to. There are plenty of ways to save on home energy costs, but it takes knowing about them to move forward. Often, savings can come in the form of rebates, and not taking advantage of them is a big mistake. Here’s what your contractor may not be telling you.

New Jersey residents have a number of rebates at their disposal that can effectively help them save thousands of dollars at a time. The NJ Clean Energy Rebate, for example, helps customers get rebates of up to $5,000 on select upgrades. You may also qualify to receive $10,000 in interest-free financing thanks to the Home Performance with Energy Star program. Taking any other approach would be pointless; no one can argue with the concept of saving money.

The Honest Approach

Many contractors aren’t always clear about the rebates and savings that are actually available. At Tom Rostron Company, we pride ourselves in helping our customers save as much money as possible while still finding ways to make necessary upgrades to their homes. Our honest approach helps to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money. We know firsthand how expensive it can be to strive towards energy efficiency, but we also know that it’s a battle worth fighting.

A Home Energy Audit with Tom Rostron Company

It’s clear that there are plenty of readily-available rebates to take advantage of if you’re interested in making long-lasting changes to your home. Many people, though, don’t have a clear understanding of the issues currently affecting their homes. Identifying problems that may exist is the first step towards taking advantage of energy efficiency rebates in New Jersey, and it starts with a home energy audit. A home energy audit will provide a clear view of aspects of your home that aren’t performing well, giving you the information you need in order to move forward and make effective decisions.

Performing a home energy audit doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive, and the amount of money you can save by doing so is extraordinary. Contact Tom Rostron today to learn more and to schedule an appointment today.