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June 27, 2014

NJ has the very best Home Performance Incentive Program in the Country — Are You Taking Advantage?

Home Performance includes all of the services we offer here at Tom Rostron: Heat, AC, Hot Water, Air Sealing, and Insulation. Instead of a segmented approach to improving your home, Home Performance focuses on your entire house as an interacting system. With this approach we are able to identify the major problem areas of your home that, if fixed, will save you the most on your utility bills and vastly increase the comfort of your living spaces.

Can I afford Home Performance work?

While addressing several energy-related issues at once is the absolute best approach to improving your home’s performance, it can seem like a major financial undertaking for most homeowners. At Tom Rostron, we understand this and work diligently to provide the most financial support we can to assist you in bettering your home for the health and comfort of your family.

That’s why we are so excited to share the latest state and manufacturer incentives with you! If you choose the recommended energy saving repairs identified in a FREE home energy audit, you may qualify for:

  • New Jersey Clean Energy $5,000 rebate
  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR 10 year interest-free loan
  • $1,700 rebate on Lennox equipment

Adding all this up, you get $16,700 worth of brand new, high efficiency heating, air conditioning, hot water, insulation and air sealing for zero out of pocket expenses! The only cost you’ll see is an $83 increase in your gas bill that will most likely be far less than what you save each month after all the energy saving work is complete. We haven’t seen a deal this good in years.

How Do I Get Started With Home Performance?

You can begin on the path of home performance with a no-obligation, FREE home energy audit. During this comprehensive assessment of your home, our certified technicians use several diagnostic tools to see where your home is wasting energy and where your health and safety could be at risk, including:

  • Safety check (carbon monoxide levels, improper venting, gas lines, moisture issues)
  • Comfort levels (cold/hot areas, drafts, indoor air quality)
  • Improper air sealing
  • Condition of current insulation
  • Heating and cooling system efficiency

At the end of the energy audit, the technician presents a detailed report that outlines the most pressing issues with your home’s performance, how much it would cost to fix them, and how you can use the state and manufacturer rebates to help pay for the work. Call us at 732-800-2860 for more information about these incentives and to schedule your FREE home energy audit!

New Jersey’s Clean Energy ProgramTM  is brought to you by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and does not endorse any one particular contractor.

Summer is Coming — is Your Air Conditioning Ready?

While it may be hard to believe after a winter full of polar vortices and record breaking low temperatures, summer is quickly approaching here in New Jersey. As we transition from using our heating to our cooling systems, there are inevitably complications that occur after several long months of non-use. We at Tom Rostron are committed to quickly addressing these needs as they arise and working hard to prevent them in the future.

We routinely receive calls during the hottest of heat waves about an AC system that has stopped working and a family that is needlessly uncomfortable in their own home. The moral of these summer horror stories is that all of this is preventable with planned AC maintenance. It’s a quick and inexpensive service that gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your AC system will operate efficiently throughout the summer without the risk of an expensive and untimely breakdown.

Give us a call today at 732-800-2860 to schedule your spring AC Tune-up. Our certified technicians will make an assessment of your systems operation, change and clean anything that needs attention, and leave you with a reliable AC system that will operate at its peak efficiency throughout the summer!

From the Desk of Tom

It is with great pleasure and a touch of nostalgia to announce that the Tom Rostron Company is moving! Not to worry; we are staying close by, just moving down the road about three miles to 2500 Tiltons Corner Rd, Wall.

While we will certainly miss our home on Colby Ave, our new, slightly larger building allows parking for a few more trucks and plenty of extra shelf space for additional parts. We are busy making it our new home, but in the mean time, we will continue to provide the unparalleled customer service you have come to expect over the years.

What does this move mean for you?

With the ability to stock more parts and have an expanded fleet of service vehicles, we can respond even faster when you have an emergency AC problem during the hottest of summer afternoons. In addition, waiting days for a part to ship will become a thing of the past as we stock more in-house and can complete most jobs the same day.

The official move will take place in the middle of May. We would love to welcome you to our new building and show you around! At Tom Rostron, our doors are always open to our great customers! We will have an open house in June. When the date is determined we will let you know!

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Clean Your Ducts!

As the seasons change and you think about your spring cleaning projects, don’t forget about your air ducts! Throughout the course of the year, dust and dirt accumulates in air ducts that is consequently spread through your home every time your heating or cooling system kicks on. Not only is this dangerous for the health of your family, it causes your air conditioning and heating systems to work harder to compensate for the clogged ducts, costing you more every month.

At Tom Rostron, our certified technicians use a powerful Hepa-Aire vacuum that is guaranteed to thoroughly clean your ducts and ensure safe airflow and optimal system operation. Make duct cleaning a part of your spring cleaning this year and breathe easier! Give us a call today at 732-800-2860.

Rostron Gives Back

Superstorm Sandy struck New Jersey with a ferocity that few of us who live near the shore will ever forget. Even more powerful was the overwhelming response of the community to help those most badly affected.

Due to the excessive flooding from the storm surge, many people lost their heating systems when their basements were inundated with water. Seeing the need for quality heating systems before the onset of winter temps, we stepped up the Rostron Gives Back program that we started in the spring of 2009. During the fall of 2012 and winter of 2013, we installed several systems free of charge to ensure that our neighbors would have heat for the winter.  

To everyone we worked with in this program, thank you for your participation. It was a real pleasure to see the community come together in such a substantial and meaningful way.