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 Generators: Keeping the Lights on During the Worst New Jersey Storms, renewable energy, energy efficiency, blog, tom rostron

It’s no secret that New Jersey sees its fair share of storms. This is especially true during late fall, as tropical storms and nor’easters can rage with reckless abandon and often without a great deal of warning. As a result, power outages are common with untamed storms.

 Is Your HVAC Company Thinking About Your Insulation?, whole home approach, blog, tom rostron

Take a look at the modern landscape of heating and cooling companies, and it’s quite clear that the industry is loaded with dependable, highly skilled contractors. Many people trust their HVAC companies with the health, safety and comfort of their homes, and for good reason. Installing a high-quality heating and cooling system, after all, can have a major impact on a home’s comfort levels.

This being said, if your HVAC company isn’t taking a “whole-home” approach, you may end up spending more money long-term than you have to.

 4 Sources of Bad Indoor Air Quality and What You Can Do About It, air sealing, ventilation, hvac, energy audit, blog, tom rostron

When it comes to the health and safety of your family, your home is a indeed a contributor.

 Best of the Best in Monmouth - 5 Years Running!, tom rostron

We’re thrilled to announce that Tom Rostron Heating & Air Conditioning has once again been voted  “Best of the Best” by the readers of Asbury Park Press for heating and air conditioning contractor in Monmouth County. This makes five years in a row for us winning in this category!

 Why Mini-Split Heat Pumps are All The Rage, hvac, heating alternatives, blog, tom rostron

One of the biggest challenges for today’s homeowners is choosing the right type of heating system when preparing for a retrofit. There are a number of different options to choose from, each of which comes with its very own set of pros and cons. As technology progresses, however, some heating systems stand apart from the rest, and mini-split heat pumps are at the top of the heap right now.

Too Early to Service Your Heating System? We Think Not, heating maintenance, preventative maintenance, blog, tom rostron

For many people, the approaching winter can bring about feelings of melancholy to say the least. While you may not want to admit that winter is on its way, there’s no getting around the fact that temperatures are beginning to fall. Before long, it’ll be time to once again turn the heat on, yet some feel that it’s too early to start thinking about their heating system.

The thing is, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

 Considering Energy Efficient Windows? Read This First., window installation, air leaks, blog, tom rostron

New Jersey residents should love energy efficiency. Whether for environmental sustainability, improving home comfort, or reducing energy bills, it’s a win-win. However, too often homeowners notice a drafty room and think new windows are the solution. There are many energy efficient improvements that will do more for your home than replacing the windows.

3 Tips for Reducing Utility Bills During Summer Vacation, energy efficiency, blog, tom rostron

Leaving home for vacation can be stressful. You're worried about delayed flights, summer traffic, and your kids that refuse to pack (even though you’ve been telling them to for days.) To top it all off, you’re worried about leaving your Ocean County house and wasting energy on a place that you won’t be living in.

The good news is that you don’t have to. In the frantic preparation for summer vacation, saving energy is often overlooked. But with a few simple tips from Tom Rostron Heating and Air, you can be saving energy and money.

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Our Spring 2014 newsletter covered New Jersey's Home Performance Incentive Program and how it can help you get started with home performance, as well as other federal and manufacturer-sponsored rebate programs. We talked about how to get your home's cooling system ready for summer and reminded you to include your ducts on your spring cleaning checklist. We also updated you, our customers, on Tom Rostron Heating& Air Conditioning's exciting yet bittersweet move to Tilton's Corner Road in Wall. Lastly, we reflected on the devastation Superstorm Sandy caused in our own backyard and how we... Read more