Building Performance Institute (BPI)

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is a national organization that trains, certifies and accredits its contractors to approach building performance from the standpoint of a single system. The institute supports the development of a highly professional building performance industry by offering contractors the tools and knowledge to optimize your home’s efficiency and your comfort.

Home performance involves every system in your building. Much like a car or the human body, each system works in conjunction—everything is connected.

The relationship between all the systems in your house is the key to its overall performance. A home that runs efficiently improves your family’s health, safety and comfort.

As a BPI contractor, we have completed rigorous training in ‘home performance evaluation’ centered on the house-as-a-system philosophy. These systems include heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment as well as the building envelope or outer shell, which includes the foundation, walls, roof and all component parts such as windows and doors.

Calling on our specialized training, we treat your whole home as an interconnected system. We can show you what part of your system is wasting energy and help you take the steps to improve the overall efficiency of your home.