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At Tom Rostron, we understand that sometimes money can stand in the way of getting your next big project done. That’s why we want to help you in whatever way we can by making our services affordable, so nothing will stand in the way of making your house the comfortable, energy efficient home you always wanted. New Jersey offers terrific energy efficiency rebates and incentives that will make your home efficiency upgrade easy to afford and worry-free.

New Jersey has the best Home Performance Incentive Program in the country. Are you taking Advantage?

Home performance includes all of our services: AC, heating, hot water, air sealing, and insulation. At Tom Rostron, we approach home performance by looking at your house as an interconnected system consisting of the building envelope, mechanicals, and inhabitants.  Using this approach, we can identify the most pressing problems in your home, and fix them to maximize your comfort and decrease energy costs.

Energy Efficiency Rebates will make it affordable

Crunching the numbers for your Home Performance project may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. We are thrilled with New Jersey’s and manufacturer rebate programs, which make Home Performance work affordable for more New Jersey residents than ever before. If you choose the recommended energy saving repairs we highlight in the FREE home energy audit, you may qualify for:

Next Step: A Free Home Energy Audit

It’s time to get your house performing better than ever, and the best place to begin is with a FREE energy audit. During the analysis of your home, our certified technicians use several diagnostic tools to see where your energy is being wasted and where there is room for improvement. They also diligently check for any potential health or safety hazards. The comprehensive home energy audit includes:

  • Safety check (carbon monoxide levels, improper venting, gas lines, moisture issues)

  • Comfort levels (cold/hot areas, drafts, indoor air quality)

  • Improper air sealing

  • Condition of current insulation

  • Heating and cooling system efficiency

At the end of the energy audit, our technician presents a detailed report that outlines the most important issues with your home’s performance, how much it would cost to fix them, and how the state and manufacturer rebates can help you pay for the work.


Call us at 732-223-8221 for more information about these incentives and to schedule your FREE home energy audit today!

New Jersey’s Clean Energy ProgramTM  is brought to you by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and does not endorse any one particular contractor.