air conditioning emergency service Wall Township, NJ

Air conditioning can mean more than comfort, it can mean safety too. That’s exactly why at Tom Rostron Heating & Air Conditioning we provide 24-hour service so no one has to be put in risk when temperatures soar. 

For healthy adults, life without air conditioning is only uncomfortable and inconvenient

In the Northeast, most of us do not run any serious health risks by opting to sit in front of the window fan with a cool washcloth on our faces. Maybe your broken air conditioner can wait – but there are cases when you should call for service right away.

Young children, sick people, the elderly and your pets cannot regulate body temperature the way a relatively healthy adult can. The sweltering New Jersey heat means more for your more susceptible family members than just an inconvenience. Overheating can result in heat exhaustion or heatstroke, dangerous conditions that affect the vital functioning of your body.

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24 Hours a day for your emergency AC Repair needs

If you suspect that your Daikin central air conditioner or Daikin mini split is not operating as it should, or the unit has outright stopped working, call us at any time of day. Our emergency repair service is always available. Our rapid response policy means that we will repair your air conditioning on your schedule – not ours.

We are constantly reinvesting in new equipment and technology to ensure we have the necessary parts to service your AC. Often, we can fix a problem on our first visit. For immediate assistance with your air conditioning system, call us at 732-374-9949