Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps for Heating Wall Township, NJ

heat pump on exterior of building

Looking for an energy-efficient alternative to heating your home? Mini split heat pumps are increasingly popular for homeowners in Monmouth County NJ and beyond. Tom Rostron offers a variety of mini split heat pumps that lower energy costs and can replace entire HVAC systems for year-round operation and comfort.

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What are Mini Split Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps, also called mini splits or mini split heat pumps, are high-efficiency HVAC systems that warm your home by absorbing heat from outdoor air (yes, even air during a cold New Jersey winter contains some amount of heat) and carrying it into your home via refrigerated piping where it heats your indoor air. Heat pumps have two main components: an outdoor unit and an indoor air handler/cassette. Heat pumps can extract heat even from very cold air, which allows them to operate successfully even in sub-zero temperatures.

A popular style of heat pumps are ductless mini splits, where individual air handlers are installed in specific rooms throughout your home or areas you’re looking to target with conditioned air. Ductless heat pumps don’t connect to ducts, giving homeowners much greater flexibility about when they can be installed, as well as the ability to customize and “zone” their home’s comfort.

How Can Mini Splits Heat Pumps Benefit My Home?

Mini splits have a number of features that make them attractive options for homeowners:

Energy efficiency

Heat pumps are all-electric, and they are the only HVAC system that actually delivers more energy than it consumes, making them incredibly efficient. 

No ductwork loss

According to the Department of Energy, a typical house loses 20–30% of all conditioned air before it can reach its final destination because of leaks, holes, and poor connections in its ductwork. Because they don’t require ducts, ductless mini splits deliver 100% of the air they condition, reducing waste and saving you money.

Customizable for “zone” heating

If you have rooms that are too cold in the winter, mini splits are a great way to customize the heating throughout your home, as each indoor air handler can run independently with different settings or temperature “zones.” Heat pumps can also be used in addition to your existing central gas furnace or boiler system if there are areas of your house where the ductwork doesn’t reach.

Works in winter and summer

In the winter, heat pumps bring heat into your house to keep you warm. But they can also operate in reverse in the summer, removing heat from your indoor air and transferring it outside, which cools your home (much like how an air conditioner works). With both heating and cooling settings, mini split heat pumps can completely replace your HVAC systems for a single solution that will keep your home comfortable all year.

Upgrade to Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin Mini Splits with Tom Rostron

Tom Rostron installs mini split heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin, both of which manufacture some of the highest quality and most efficient mini split heat pump systems on the market. With long-lasting warranties and cutting-edge technology, our team of HVAC professionals can help you find the right mini splits for your New Jersey home.

For more than 25 years, Tom Roston has offered cooling and heating services throughout Ocean and Monmouth counties. Schedule high-efficiency heating installation today and upgrade to mini split heat pumps. You’ll lower the energy bills for your Jersey City or Brick NJ home, improve your indoor air quality, and keep your family comfortable.

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