Monmouth and Ocean Counties | New Jersey
testimonial, tom rostron

John with Tom Rostron was patient, kind and efficient on the telephone as he worked to trouble shoot our no heat dilemma during the blizzard of 2016. We were in full panic mode at the thought of no heat, and no backup heat sources, during a blizzard in a house with 4 children that weekend. Clearly it was unsafe for anyone to be on the road but via telephone John walked us through a series of steps to determine our damper wasn't functioning properly, therefore our system wouldn't turn on. He gave us a safe, temporary work-around (we opened the damper manually and just left it open) to get the heat to turn on. Once weather conditions permitted, we scheduled a service call and John was our technician that day too. He was just as pleasant, congenial and efficient in person.

Barrie H.
Point Pleasant, NJ