Monmouth and Ocean Counties | New Jersey
testimonial, tom rostron

Dear Mr. Rostron,

On a very cold winter day this past January on an early Friday morning I awoke and realized the temperature in this house was unusually cold. I went down to the cellar and heard the furnace making very strange sounds and it clearly was not heating the house. For a number of years we have had a service contract with Sears covering the furnace and a number of other appliances. About 8:00 a.m. I called Sears for service, anticipating sometime on Friday a technician would arrive. I was told the earliest possible date would be Monday. That meant all Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and probably all of Monday we would have no heat, and a major winter storm was expected.

Several years ago one of your technicians installed a humidifier on our Sears furnace, so I decided to call your company for help. Within an hour, a technician arrived and we concluded a new furnace was needed. In addition, an immediate need was heat. Your personnel arranged to have four portable heaters brought over right away, and between them and our fireplace we were able to keep most of the house livable for the next four days while a new furnace was installed. In addition to purchasing a new furnace I decided to replace our old air conditioner and that too was installed in subsequent weeks. Both the furnace and the air conditioner have performed flawlessly in the extremely cold winter we had and the exceptionally hot summer we are experiencing. We have two engineers in our family and they both have inspected closely the quality of the installations of these units and concluded it was a first class job. I will add our bill for electricity has also dropped sharply.

Having taught for 35 years at the Rutgers Business School I am particularly sensitive to how businesses are operated. From my point of view you are an excellent business person, and if I were still teaching I would invite you to come to one of my classes as a guest lecturer. From a simple installation of a humidifier several years ago, my contact with your company grew to a major residential installation this past year. You and your staff are to be congratulated.


Philip C. Shaak


Philip C. Shaak
Manasquan, NJ