Ted Knothe's handwritten letter thanking Tom Rostron for an efficient A/C fix

“A company with expert technicians who handled an AC problem quickly and efficiently. Tom Rostron can be counted on for problems that need to be fixed. ”


Just want to say “thanks” for handling my AC problem so quickly and so well a few weeks ago. I really appreciate you getting your expert technicians to diagnose and solve the problem. Bob and Randy did a fine job tracking down the leak in the refrigerant line and getting the system back in top condition – no problems since!

It’s especially comforting to me to know that if I do have a problem, I can get your people here quickly and know the problem will be corrected.

Your company stands by its work and I greatly appreciate that – too many other companies, unfortunately, “run away” when a problem comes up – this is why I deal with you.

Enjoy your boat this summer – Good luck fishing!

Thanks again to you and your staff,

Ted Knothe

Ted Knothe
Sea Girt, NJ