energy audit

December 10, 2014

For a lot of New Jersey homeowners, the importance of saving on energy bills grows ever present when winter approaches. Cold temperatures are already here, and knowing which steps to take in order to ensure that heating bills don’t go through the roof this winter is essential to moving forward in an intelligent manner. The first step towards making changes is to conduct a home energy audit.

The importance of being prepared for your home energy audit simply cannot be overlooked, and knowing which questions to ask are essential. Here are 5 questions worth asking, all of which can help to ensure that you don’t run into confusion along the way. 

1. What are the Specific Elements of the Inspection?

Everyone home energy audit consists of a number of different elements, and knowing what they are ahead of time can be helpful. Ask about whatever specific tests might be performed, details regarding inspections and how long the home energy audit will last. Knowing this information ahead of time will give you a much better idea of what to expect before things get underway. 

2. How will the Home Energy Audit Report Be Delivered and Resulted? 

The final step once a home energy audit has been conducted is for a report to be resulted and delivered. You’ll want to ask how this will happen and what the report will include, such as pictures, technical details, recommendations for home improvements and comparisons to current standards. Each of these elements helps to give you an idea as to where your home stands in the grand scheme of things, which will help you to determine how to move forward. 

3. Will the Results Include the Rebate Information?

For homeowners who are looking for a helping hand regarding financing a project, knowing all of the details regarding rebate information is essential. With this in mind, you should always ask whether the results of a home audit will include information about the rebate you’re hoping to make use of, dispelling any confusion that might exist. Tom Rostron Company has certified auditors who are trained in our rebate process, ensuring you don’t have to worry about the details.

4. How will a Home Energy Audit Meet Our Needs? 

The goal of any home energy audit is to put you on a path towards reducing your energy bills and improving comfort levels within your home. It should also help you to figure out what improvements need to be made and in what order through a process of assessment, inspection and delivery of results. In other words, a home energy audit is designed to help you move forward in reaching your energy efficiency goals. 

5. Are There Multiple Kinds of Home Energy Audits? 

While all home energy audits share the same end goal of helping you to streamline your home’s energy efficiency, there may be differences between one form or another that should be taken into consideration by the homeowner. Asking what sort of HEA will be conducted at the inspection will help to square away any remaining questions you may have about the process.

At Tom Rostron Company, we believe that the first step towards home performance is conducting a home energy audit. Contact us today to learn more about the process and how it can benefit you and your family.