Air Sealing: 2 Major “Sweet Spots”

March 30, 2015

Many homeowners are well aware of the fact that air sealing can make a big difference when it comes to energy efficiency. When it comes to actually understanding the finer points of air sealing, however, many often fall short. Unsurprisingly, there are a number of different spots in the home that are strong candidates for air sealing.

You’ll be on the right track no matter where in your house you decide to air seal, but the following “sweet spots” are especially worth your time:

Recessed Lights

Everyone loves the ambience that recessed lights add to a home. Especially useful in living rooms and bedrooms, recessed lighting is designed specifically to create a more relaxed environment for you and your family. At the same time, however, the very design of this type of lighting means that it often leaks air. The problem can be difficult to assess, too, as recessed lighting is usually out of reach. You aren’t especially likely to experience noticeable drafts unless you’re looking for them. These lights are perfect candidates for air sealing.

Attic Entrance

Think about areas in your house where air is most likely to escape. If your attic comes to mind, you’re certainly on the right track. The entrance to your attic in particular is a prime spot for air to leak through, and many people go years before discovering this all too common problem in their own homes. Air sealing your attic entrance can help to keep heat in, resulting in a more comfortable living space and lower energy bills.

Determining the Issue with a Home Energy Audit

Improving home performance may seem like it would cost you a fortune, but more often than not, it’s all about simply discovering what issues you’re dealing with and putting together a solid plan. This is where conducting a home energy audit comes into play. A home energy audit will help to give you a more solid idea of what’s wrong with your home and will serve as an excellent basis for making the right changes. Once a home energy audit has been conducted, there won’t be any questions about areas in your home that are in need of air sealing.

Air sealing issues aren’t going to fix themselves. Call Tom Rostron today to set up an energy audit & air sealing appointment for your Monmouth or Ocean County home.