Are you Driving up your AC Costs?

September 3, 2015

The hum of air conditioners in Monmouth and Ocean counties during summer months is virtually a constant, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on keeping your energy bill under control. In fact, there are some very simple actions you can take today to keep AC costs down. Here are 4 of the most common, energy-wasting mistakes we see homeowners making this time of year:

You Set your Thermostat too Low

That first burst of cool air from your home’s AC system feels pretty good on a hot day. Many homeowners feel the relief, then continue lowering the thermostat temperature because they think it will speed up overall cooling. The first problem with that approach is that it doesn’t actually work. Today’s AC systems are designed to cool a home slowly and steadily. Lowering the thermostat to its minimum (which is usually 60 degrees) doesn’t increase cooling power.

The other problem with lowering the thermostat too much is that you’ll eventually overshoot the mark and get uncomfortable, or possibly leave the home while the temperature is low. In either of these scenarios, you’ll be wasting energy.

You Haven’t Changed the Filter Recently

It’s easy to change AC filters, but many homeowners forget to do it regularly. Clogged air filters impede air flow and force an AC system to work harder (or longer) to reach thermostat set points. A clogged filter also increases the chances of unwanted and unhealthy contaminants in your indoor air, negatively affecting your home’s indoor air quality. More run time means more energy use and higher costs. Reduced air flow also means reduced comfort throughout the home.

So, schedule a professional tune-up to take care your air filter!

You Haven’t Gotten AC Maintenance Lately

Speaking of preventative maintenance tune-ups, there are a number of additional AC system concerns that can drive your energy costs up. Preventative maintenance keep parts lubricated and coolant running smoothly. When your system is running at its peak, you are saving energy.

The key with AC maintenance is to choose technicians who can look at the entire system and address all parts and components. Tom Rostron technicians have the experience you need!

Your Home Isn’t Properly Air Sealed or Insulated

Your cool air will leak out of your home through cracks, gaps (due to insufficient air sealing) and areas of thin, old, or damaged insulation. Schedule an energy audit to see where this is happening. We’ll help you figure out the best route to take to boost your home’s overall efficiency, meaning up to 15% lower AC (and heating) bills for you!

Don’t let your AC dominate your energy bills. Contact us today to discuss the issue & schedule your AC maintenance!