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If you live in Monmouth or Ocean County, you’re definitely familiar with the seasonal extremes of New Jersey. From hot, sticky summers to freezing cold winters, your home needs to be ready for just about anything.

You already spend money air conditioning and heating your home throughout the year, but if your home is under-insulated, you’re wasting valuable energy and forcing your HVAC equipment to work harder than it needs to. For increased indoor comfort and energy savings, it’s time to have your local home comfort and insulation contractor, Tom Rostron, install new insulation in your home.

Insulation Saves Energy & Increases Home Comfort

Are there hard-to-heat rooms in your home in the winter, or does the second floor of your home get uncomfortably hot in the summer? Do your heating and cooling bills seem unusually high? These are all signs that your home is under-insulated.

Insulation helps regulate your home’s temperature year-round by controlling the heat flow in and out of your walls, attic, floors and crawlspace. In the summer, it keeps outdoor heat out, and during the winter, it keeps valuable heat in. Properly insulating your home (in addition to air sealing) will ensure you’re comfortable all year long while keeping those energy bills down. 

Benefits of proper home insulation include:

  • A cooler home in the summer

  • A warmer home in the winter

  • More stable indoor temperatures

  • Less need to run HVAC equipment

  • Greater energy efficiency

  • Lower heating and cooling costs

Where Should Insulation Be Installed?

Certain areas in your home require more insulation than others. When upgrading your home insulation, the main areas of your home a professional will focus on include:

  • Attic

  • Exterior Walls

  • Floors

  • Crawl space or basement

Types of Insulation & Their Benefits

Different types of insulation have different properties and benefits. The thermal resistance, or effectiveness, of insulation is measured by R-value. The higher an insulation’s R-value, the more effective it is. Ensuring your home has an adequate amount of insulation with the appropriate R-value will help maintain home comfort while simultaneously saving energy.

At Tom Rostron, our insulation installers work with four key insulating materials: spray foam, cellulose, rigid foam board, and fiberglass batts.

Spray Foam Insulation

There are two types of spray foam: open cell and closed cell. Closed cell spray foam insulation is more dense than open cell, making it an excellent vapor barrier. Both open cell and closed cell spray foam have excellent air sealing properties and can also provide soundproofing.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose is an environmentally-friendly insulation option which has a high fire safety rating. Made from recycled newspaper, it is also very cost-effective.

Rigid Foam Board Insulation

Rigid foam board insulation has an extremely high R-value and is resistant against moisture. It covers large areas well and is generally used as an air barrier, to add structural strength, as a thermal break, or as exterior sheathing.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

A popular, affordable insulation option is fiberglass batt insulation. Many homeowners attempt to undertake installation of fiberglass insultation themselves, but since fiberglass batts need to be expertly cut and fitted, it’s best to hire a professional.

Tom Rostron: Monmouth & Ocean County Insulation Experts

As your local insulation company, Tom Rostron can install insulation in your home while ensuring you’re getting the full benefits of comfort and energy savings. We can perform an energy audit to determine which areas of your home need to be insulated, choose the best types of insulation for your home, and complete the necessary insulation work so you can start enjoying a comfortable, energy efficient home year-round.

Learn how insulation can help keep your home comfortable and save you money. Contact us or call 732-223-8221 today to schedule a consultation!

Insulation saves you money and increases home comfort.

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