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So if you own a pet, you likely have a pet hair or dander problem. Even diligent home owners who are quick to clean up any cat or dog hair lying around have to deal with more frequent air filter changes and more indoor air quality problems. Owning your pet can even make your HVAC system more expensive to operate.

How can you prevent your four-legged friends from causing HVAC system havoc? Here are some simple tips that anyone can do to keep their indoor air quality high in spite of their pets.

Simple Tips for Pet Owners:


Vacuum, Dust, And Sweep Often

Diligent pet owners are known to keep their homes free and clear of as much pet hair and dander as possible. This means using the vacuum often, even daily. A programmable it’s important to vacuum as much surface area as possible, even the corners of the ceiling and the floor. Keep ceiling fans free of dust and pet hair, as well.

Keep Your Pets Well Groomed

Grooming your pet isn’t just for their looks: it’s also to keep their hair from being left everywhere in your home! Short hair pets need to be brushed regularly, but long hair pets will need a bit more attentive grooming. Since most pets shed a fair bit, it’s important to keep them well groomed.

Change Your Air Filters More Often

Your air filter will get clogged with pet dander and pet hair over time. Because of this, you’re going to need to change your air filters more often than a non-pet owner would. Check and replace your air filters regularly. Keep to manufacturer’s specifications, or ask Rostron Premium Home Services for professional help.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Just like your air filters get more clogged, your air ducts will start to get full of dust, dander, and pet hair. All of these things will get into the air that you breathe. To prevent this from lowering your indoor air quality, get your air ducts cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Rostron Premium Home Services can schedule an air duct cleaning today! Call our office at 732-223-8221, to schedule an appointment.

Protect Your Air Conditioner Unit

If you have dogs or other pets that hang around outdoors, make sure they can’t get to the air conditioner unit! Dogs sometimes will urinate on or scratch at the outdoor AC unit, and that can cause problems that may need serious repair.

Protect your air conditioner unit by putting some fencing or some other guard around it. Make sure these guards don’t impact its ability to take in air.


Are you a member with Rostron Premium Home Services?

We offer a tremendous membership where you pre-pay for annual maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment in your home. Our new renewal program never expires, meaning we send out an email reminder 30 days before your membership will renew. We then will take the automatic payment credit card, debit card, or banking information to pay for next year’s membership. With your membership this includes:

  • Diagnostic fees of $99 will be applied to any repairs, as well as discounted rates on repairs.
  • Maintenances are done at the discounted price of $148.
  • Members move ahead of non-members. Members have priority service calls!
  • You can booked Saturday maintenance appointments.

Membership pricing can be monthly or annually. We service all of Monmouth & Ocean Counties. Call one of our customer service representatives about pricing today! 732-374-9949. 

Why is it important to have your HVAC system maintained?

  • Air conditioners collect dust, dirt, and debris not just while they are running, but constantly throughout the year. This build up can decrease the efficiency of the unit running which can cost you more money and prevent it from cooling.
  • Regular servicing improves the overall lifespan of the air conditioner or furnace.
  • Having your system maintained regularly greatly reduces the chance of water leakage issues that can cause damage.
  • Regular service keeps the motors in good working condition which reduces your electricity bill.
  • Not having your system cleaned regularly can make more wear and tear and your condenser fail to function.
  • Improper cleaning can cause your drain pipe to get blocked.
  • A clean HVAC system provides better indoor air quality.
  • A properly service AC system lowers your chance for expensive repair bills.

Pet owners benefit greatly from HVAC maintenance packages because they will be able to get their air filters changed, their ducts cleaned, and their components serviced at regular intervals. This way, pet owners don’t have to keep track of necessary maintenance.