Daikin FIT HVAC Systems

Daikin Fit HVAC systems offer the comfort and cutting-edge technology you need for your Jersey Shore home at an affordable price.

Benefits of the Daikin Fit line include:

  • More installation options with slim profile
  • Variable speed inverter for greater energy efficiency and comfort
  • Easily connects to existing ductwork
  • Quieter operation
  • Heat pump and cooling-only AC models available

The heating and cooling experts at Tom Rostron install Daikin Fit HVAC systems throughout the Jersey Shore, matching Daikin’s high-quality manufacturing with our team’s reputation for high-quality installation and technicians’ expertise.

The Benefits of a Variable Speed Inverter

Non-inverter HVAC systems have few operational settings—1-stage systems, for example, are either “On” or “Off.” 2-stage systems are better, with both “High” and “Low” settings. But variable speed inverters make small adjustments to the compressor motor speed as needed throughout the day. Daikin Fit’s revolutionary inverter technology is more affordable than other traditional inverter systems and creates:


  • Quieter operation
  • Greater humidity control
  • Higher efficiency and energy savings

More Installation Options for Your Jersey Shore Home

Space is a premium in and around your house, and the Daikin Fit’s slim profile gives you the best of both worlds: the high-efficiency operation and technology normally confined to a cube-style outdoor unit with a slimmer, space-saving design.

In heat pump models, this slimmer profile is usually associated with ductless mini-split units, but Daikin Fit heat pumps connect easily to existing ductwork for whole-home comfort and energy efficiency.

Upgrade Your Home HVAC with Tom Rostron and Daikin Fit

For more than 30 years, Tom Rostron’s team of trained and certified HVAC professionals have delivered expert workmanship and customer service to homeowners through New Jersey’s Monmouth and Ocean Counties. With Daikin Fit, local homeowners have an HVAC system that will provide years and years of energy-efficient performance and home comfort.


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