Air Conditioning Installation

No matter what your cooling needs may be, Rostron Premium Home Services has you covered with efficient and affordable air conditioning installations tailored to your home that will keep you comfortable and happy.

If your current air conditioning system is underperforming and not keeping you comfortable throughout the summer, you may be ready to install a new air conditioning system. We will work with you to determine the type and size of unit that best fits your needs, taking into account the existing systems in your home, layout, airflow, efficiency and other factors.

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Split-system Air Conditioning Units

Split-system air conditioning units operate with two cabinet components, one inside and one outside the home. The outdoor cabinet contains the condenser and compressor, while the indoor cabinet contains the evaporator. Split-system air conditioners are more economical for homes that already have furnaces installed.

Ductless Mini-Split Units (Heat Pumps)

Ductless mini-splits units are one of the most efficient ways to cool and heat your home. Employing the same technology that keeps your refrigerator cool, ductless mini-splits extract heat out of air and move it to where it is needed — whether that is outside during the summer or inside during the winter. At Tom Rostron we install industry-leading Mitsubishi mini splits that allow for customized comfort zones to keep your living areas at your desired temperature year round.

Packaged Central Air Conditioning Units

For our commercial customers, we offer energy efficient packaged central air conditioning units. Packaged central air conditioners operate with a single outdoor cabinet, containing the condenser, compressor and evaporator all in a single component. These cabinets are often housed on the roof or on a concrete slab next to the building. The supply and return ducts flow between the building and the AC unit. Packaged air conditioning units often combine cooling and heating capabilities, which means you do not need a separate furnace in your building for heat.

A new air conditioning unit is only as good as its installer

You can trust Tom Rostron Company to provide you with the correct specifications, including size and refrigerant levels, to keep your cooling system running efficiently. Our satisfaction guarantee offers you peace of mind that your unit will be installed correctly the first time, perfectly conditioned to meet your needs as a homeowner and your expectations as a customer.

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