Heating Emergency Service Installation Wall Township, NJ

Don’t let your broken heating system cause you discomfort and other expensive home repairs. Tom Rostron Heating & Air Conditioning offers 24 hour service and is happy to help you out of a tight spot. 

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Tom Rostron has a team of hard workers who make furnace installation a breeze. Everyone from the installers to the office staff are helpful and dedicated.

Point Pleasant, NJ

Gail Taylor

A broken furnace can present several problems — none of which is cheap to fix.

While you might be able to go to a neighbor’s house or add a couple extra layers when your heating system fails in the winter, it is unwise to kick on a few space heaters and wait to call in the morning. Pipes can freeze virtually overnight. As ice expands, your pipes can burst, flooding your home and causing serious and costly damage.

emergency number: 732-374-9949


The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide  

The fuel you use to heat your home, whether oil, gas or even wood, normally releases a small amount of carbon monoxide when it burns. Malfunctioning equipment, however, can release this deadly gas into your home, instead of outside where it would normally dissipate safely.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious threat to the health and safety of your family.

Carbon monoxide prevents oxygen from circulating within the body, a condition that can cause illness, brain damage and eventually, death. If you suspect your heating system is clogged, broken or even dirty, give us a call for immediate assistance for your heating repair needs.

Our emergency line is open 24/7

At Tom Rostron we are here for you day and night so you do not have to wait to get your system taken care of. Our rapid response time means that we get your heating system repaired on your schedule – not ours. We are constantly reinvesting in new equipment and technology. Often, we can fix a problem on our first visit. Whether you have a conventional furnace or ductless mini splits, for immediate assistance with your heating system, call us at 732-374-9949