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An inefficient heating system can represent a huge waste of money and a large source of frustration. Trust Tom Rostron Heating & Air Conditioning to recommend and perform the necessary installation, maintenance or repairs.

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testimonial, tom rostron
testimonial, tom rostron
Tom Rostron has a team of hard workers who make furnace installation a breeze. Everyone from the installers to the office staff are helpful and dedicated.
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Gail Taylor

Between a cold home and outrageous heating costs, you know it is time to do something about your heating system. With fuel costs on the rise across the United States and especially in the Monmouth and Ocean Counties of New Jersey, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

Is your furnace ready for winter? Infographic from Tom Rostron Co., Inc. in Wall Township NJ.


Even if your old furnace is working, newer equipment can save you hundreds of dollars every year, while vastly increasing your comfort during the long winter months. 

A new, energy-efficient heating system will do more than save you money on energy bills. Our customers are amazed by how quiet and efficient our furnaces are once they make the switch. Computerized thermostats, coupled with the necessary electronic controls in your new furnace, will guarantee more consistent air temperature throughout your home.

Heating System Options:

When you decide it is time to improve your comfort, know that you have options when it comes to heating your home. The two basic furnace types are condensing and non-condensing,referring to the type of heat exchanger at work in your heating equipment. We recommend the condensing models for most homeowners. Condensing furnaces are far more efficient, ranging from around 90-percent to more than 95-percent efficient.

Also, condensing furnaces lose so little heat that a chimney is not necessary. Flue gases can exhaust from your home through a two-inch diameter plastic pipe through an outdoor wall. Without the installation or replacement cost of a new chimney, the cost of installation is significantly less than a non-condensing furnace.

Additional Efficiency and Performance:

Some of our available heating system models also offer sealed combustion for better efficiency. Air for combustion is drawn into your home through an additional plastic pipe instead of being drawn from inside your home. Sealed combustion means there are:

  • Fewer indoor drafts
  • Less noise
  • Lower chance of hazardous back-drafting

At a higher initial cost, customers may choose a two-stage heat output furnace with a variable-
speed blower for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. This type of blower is necessary for better central air-conditioning performance.

In all but the coldest weather, the gas burners on these models operate at a low heat level. This allows the furnace to run more continuously with fewer uncomfortable on/off cycles. The blower also runs slower and quieter operating at a lower level. During very cold weather, it automatically switches to high heat.

Next Steps:

If you think it may be time to improve your cold-weather comfort, give us a call at 732-223-8221. We can help you determine a course of action that will offer the best return on your home heating investment — whether that means installing a new furnace or ductless mini splits. Our Energy Star rated home heating systems will have you saving money on energy costs and saving your sweater for the ski slopes.

Heating Installation

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At Tom Rostron, we install heating systems that deliver exceptional comfort, energy efficiency, and value. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to heating units, we first assess your heating load needs and then properly spec a heating system that will meet those needs.

Heating Emergency Service

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At Tom Rostron we are here for you day and night so you do not have to wait to get your system taken care of. Our rapid response time means that we get your heating system repaired on your schedule – not ours. We are constantly reinvesting in new equipment and technology. Often, we can fix a problem on our first visit.

Heating Preventive Maintenance

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The foremost reason to invest in preventative maintenance is to avoid costly repairs down the road. Our annual maintenance program brings a professional into your home to make sure your system is clean and efficient, checking fluids, lubricating parts, changing filters and evaluating the operation of components such as your ventilation system.

Get Ahead of Winter!

The best time to repair or replace your heating system is when you don't need it.


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Signs Your Furnace is Dying

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Signs Your Furnace is Dying, tom rostron
With winter finally upon us, many homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean County are paying closer attention to how their furnaces are operating. Some rest easy each night knowing that their HVAC equipment is operating properly, while others fall asleep to strange noises or encounter odd smells that shouldn’t be there.