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June 4, 2015

5 Typical AC Repairs for Spring (& Important Announcement!)

Spring is finally here! It’s a time to slow down a bit and take in the cool spring air, but you also have to remember that the heat of summer is nearly upon us. As beautiful as summer weather in New Jersey can be, it can also be uncomfortable if you don’t come prepared. Much of this comes down to making sure your AC is in good working order.

There’s always a chance that your air conditioner will need repairs, and it helps to know what to look for. Here are a handful of typical AC repairs that are common in the springtime:

1. Recharge Refrigerant

Proper refrigerant levels are vital to getting the most out of your AC unit. If you have your air conditioner inspected and find that levels are low, chances are that refrigerant was undercharged to begin with or you’re dealing with a leak. Tom Rostron Company can help you to determine what the issue is and will come up with a quick fix to help you enjoy the summer to its fullest.

2. Clean the Coils

Your AC’s coils can easily accumulate dust and grime over time, especially if they haven’t been cleaned recently. This accumulation can interfere with heat exchange, which is why it’s essential that you have them cleaned by a professional. That way, your air conditioner can operate at peak performance.

3. Repair Motors & Replace Broken Ones

Think of your AC’s motors as its heart. If things break, everything can come to a grinding halt, fast. Repairing motors that are on the fritz and replacing those that have already broken will help you to get quite a bit more life out of your AC.

4. Electric Control Maintenance

The more you use your AC, the more likely it is that compressors and fan controls will wear out. Wire corrosion is often the culprit, but we can diagnose the issue so that the electronics in your AC don’t keep you from getting the most out of it.

5. Drainage Corrections/Repairs

It’s no secret that a working AC can accumulate moisture, which is why proper drainage should always be a primary focus of AC maintenance. Drainage issues can pop up from time to time, in which case certain AC repairs may need to be made.

Important: Service Award Announcement!

We’re proud to let our customers know that Tom Rostron Company has been given the 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award! Only the top 5% of qualifying service companies receive this recognition annually, solidifying us as your local expert in HVAC & energy efficiency in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

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