Does Insulation Matter in the Summer?, blog, tom rostron

June 25, 2015

People living in Monmouth and Ocean counties are gearing up for the hot summer. While it’s tempting to just think about your AC this time of year, have you considered your insulation? It may not be something that most people think about during the summer, but insulation makes far more of a difference than you might realize during the hotter months.

In short, yes—insulation does matter in the summer. By gaining a basic understanding of how insulation operates throughout the warmer months of the year, it’ll become clear exactly why you might need to take a closer look at yours.

Keep Conditioned Air Inside

You go through a lot just to keep the air in your home properly conditioned when it gets hot outside, and why wouldn’t you? A cool home is a comfortable home during the blisteringly hot summer months, and if you don’t have anywhere to escape to, you may find yourself having a rather unenjoyable summer. Conditioned air, whether hot or cold, is meant to stay within your home. By using various types of insulation (spray foam, cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool, and more), our team helps your home prevent conditioned air from escaping, which means increased home comfort for you and your family.

Insulation in Your Attic

Attic insulation may not seem like a huge deal to those who are unfamiliar with the finer points of home performance. When you think about it, however, your attic is really the only line of defense between the conditioned and unconditioned sections of your home. Attics get extremely hot during the summer, and insulation can help to keep that heat from transferring to your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. When combined properly with air sealing, insulation gets you well on your way towards a more efficient home.

Get Started with Tom Rostron

At Tom Rostron Company, we believe in helping each and every customer maximize the efficiency of his or her Jersey home. Our staff is well-versed on how to properly outfit any space with the right type of insulation, and is happy to work with a range of budgets to make sure your needs are met. We work with a variety of different types of insulation and will determine exactly which route is best to take for your home.

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