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November 13, 2014

Take a look at the modern landscape of heating and cooling companies, and it’s quite clear that the industry is loaded with dependable, highly skilled contractors. Many people trust their HVAC companies with the health, safety and comfort of their homes, and for good reason. Installing a high-quality heating and cooling system, after all, can have a major impact on a home’s comfort levels.

This being said, if your HVAC company isn’t taking a “whole-home” approach, you may end up spending more money long-term than you have to.

HVAC professionals understand the heating and cooling systems they work with better than practically anyone else. Achieving true comfort within your home, however, requires a HVAC contractor who looks at the bigger picture. The right mechanicals can certainly help, but what about insulation and other factors that directly affect home performance? Keep in mind that comfort and home performance go hand-in-hand, and viewing the home as a complete system is essential for this reason.

What is a “Whole-home Approach?”

When you take a moment to break things down, it becomes possible to view your home for what it is — a system made up of a number of different processes. Change one thing, and it will likely offset another. It’s one of the trickiest aspects of home performance that contractors find themselves up against during a job; it’s also an essential part of dialing-in home performance.

Heating and Cooling contractors that are well-versed in the finer points of home performance take into consideration a variety of factors commonly associated with energy efficiency issues, such as:

If any problems become apparent, a plan is set in place to deal with them in as reasonable and sensible a manner possible. The importance of maintaining balance in the system that is your home is always kept top-of-mind, as is your budget.

Tom Rostron Company and Home Performance

At Tom Rostron Company, we pride ourselves on taking a “whole-home approach” to each and every job we handle, always relying on the principles of building science to improve home performance. Tom Rostron places a great deal of focus on the importance of home performance and how it can be used to make great heating and cooling systems even more efficient than they already are. It’s a difference that not only helps our customers rest easy knowing that their homes are efficient, but to save quite a bit of money as well.

For more information and to request a home energy audit, contact us today.