Mini Split Heat Pumps for Summer Weather, blog, tom rostron

May 14, 2015

Heat pumps are becoming a popular choice for homeowners across Monmouth and Ocean counties. Known for their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and straightforward installation, heat pumps are ideal for heating homes in cold climates. Did you know, though, that heat pumps are also extremely effective in the summer for home cooling?

If you’ve been thinking about looking into mini split heat pumps for your home, there’s no better time than now to move forward. Here are just a few benefits of installing mini splits, each of which can lead to a more enjoyable summer for you and your family.

Mini Split: Benchmark Efficiency

Everyone wants a heating and cooling system that will be efficient throughout the year. If efficiency is a primary concern for you, mini split heat pumps are an excellent choice. In the winter, heat pumps function primarily by heating air that lives outside the home, but the reverse is true in the summer. Warm air is extracted from the home to leave your interior cool and comfortable in as efficient a way possible.

Straightforward Installation

One of the major benefits of mini split heat pumps is just how straightforward they are to install. A trained professional can handle a mini split install quickly and effectively. Once the install is completed, things will be up and running so that you don’t have to suffer through the excessive summer heat. As far as heating and cooling systems go, mini splits are among the most straightforward to install from start to finish.

One System, Two Purposes

Another reason why people love mini splits is because they serve two important functions. In the winter, they keep your home warm and toasty. When summer rolls around, their functionality can be reversed in order to cool the home to comfortable levels. Many people like the fact that they don’t need separate heating and cooling systems with mini splits, which ultimately can serve as the primary decision-making factor for making the switch.

Cost-Effective Comfort

Everyone deserves to stay comfortable during the hot summer months. It’s no secret that running an air conditioner can get expensive, however, and not everyone can afford to keep their homes cool under the heat of the summer sun. Mini splits are far more efficient and thus less expensive to run. You’ll be able to expect to remain cool and comfortable throughout the entire summer without having to spend a fortune on optimal home performance.

New Jersey offers various fantastic rebate programs that may help you afford a mini split install for your home, and a home energy audit will help you to recognize your exact needs. For more information, contact Tom Rostron Company today.