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Our Summer Lennox Special: Have You Taken Advantage?
Summer is flying by here in New Jersey, and residents are trying their best to stay cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy task for all homeowners. Some find that their home comfort systems are simply too old to keep up with their demands, while others run the risk of experiencing interruptions on the hottest days of the year.
 Want to Boost Your Home's Efficiency This Summer?, blog, tom rostron
You’ve probably switched from hot to iced coffee for the summer months and, similarly, your home systems have made the switch from heating to cooling mode! No matter what temperature you’re trying to keep the air inside your house, boosting efficiency is important. Many of the same principles to home energy efficiency apply year-round.
 Got a Malfunctioning AC? Don't Panic!, blog, tom rostron
If you’ve ever had a washing machine that walks during the spin cycle, or a boat engine that leaves a Valdez-sized oil slick behind it, you know that a machine is only as good as the technician who works on it. The Tom Rostron team does professional, efficient and timely installations and maintenance for AC units, even during the heat of a New Jersey summer!
3 Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance, blog, tom rostron
Step outside, and you’ll see--it’s becoming more clear each day that Monmouth and Ocean counties are in full summer mode! Many homeowners in the area have turned on their air conditioners, and chances are they’ll stay running throughout the majority of the hot months that are ahead. What some will no doubt discover, however, is that their AC units aren’t working as well as they used to work. In many cases, it’s time for some much-needed maintenance for these units.
 Does Insulation Matter in the Summer?, blog, tom rostron
People living in Monmouth and Ocean counties are gearing up for the hot summer. While it’s tempting to just think about your AC this time of year, have you considered your insulation? It may not be something that most people think about during the summer, but insulation makes far more of a difference than you might realize during the hotter months.
 The Importance of Duct Cleaning, blog, tom rostron
Have you ever thought about the ductwork in your home? If you’re like most homeowners, chances are that the answer is “no.” The fact is, your home’s ductwork is essentially, and functions like your home’s lungs. If things are clean and tidy, everything should work as expected. Otherwise, you’ll probably run into a number of problems.
 Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality, blog, tom rostron
It doesn’t get a whole lot better than summer in Monmouth and Ocean counties. The sun is shining and summer is heating things up outside. But what about the air within your home? Many people go through their daily lives without knowing that they’re actually living in homes loaded with indoor air quality (“IAQ”) issues.
 5 Typical AC Repairs for Spring, blog, tom rostron
Spring is finally here! It’s a time to slow down a bit and take in the cool spring air, but you also have to remember that the heat of summer is nearly upon us. As beautiful as summer weather in New Jersey can be, it can also be uncomfortable if you don’t come prepared. Much of this comes down to making sure your AC is in good working order.
 Why is My AC Leaking?, blog, tom rostron
Hot weather is no doubt on its way, and without a working AC, getting through the day can be a seriously uncomfortable experience! One of the biggest issues that people face when they start using their AC once again for the summer is discovering leaks. If you find yourself in this situation, read on to learn why it may be happening.
 Spring 2015 Newsletter: Spring into Savings!, blog, tom rostron
It’s Spring, and our team is gearing up for one of the busiest times of the year. It’s maintenance season! Now is the perfect time to get your home prepped for the summer ahead. We all need a little reminder once in a while about having a maintenance appointment, and we’re here to make sure it gets checked off your spring cleaning list!