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Dirty ducts can cause a host of issues in your home, from inefficient laundry dryers to harmful particulates in the air. Let Tom Rostron Heating & Air Conditioning's experienced technicians give your ducts a throrough cleaning.

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Excellence from start to finish

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Tom Rostron and his staff are easy and gratifying to work with, making HVAC installations a smooth and enjoyable experience.
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Bust the dust:

You wouldn’t believe what could be inside your air ducts right now. Over the years, dirt, mold, dust, bugs, mites and a whole host of unpleasant creatures and particles can find their way into the air passages behind the walls of your home. Our Total Source Removal cleaning process will get it all out, letting you breathe easy with cleaner air circulating through your house.

The benefits of having your air ducts cleaned:

  • Reduce mold and other allergens in your air supply
  • Occasional cleaning can help technicians locate problem areas such as damaged insulation and air escape
  • Clean ducts allow your heating and cooling systems to operate more efficiently

The downsides of improper cleaning:

Having an inexperienced technician clean your ducts could be worse than not having them cleaned at all. Performed improperly, duct cleaning can damage your ducts and create air leaks. At best, improper cleaning will only loosen the particles in your ducts, freeing them into air passageways to flow into your home.

Trust Tom Rostron Company to do it right the first time!

Our professionals understand air flow and offer you the best return on your duct cleaning investment. We will not damage your air ducts or release unhealthy debris into your home. Our professionals perform a clean, safe and efficient duct cleaning service. Set up an appointment today to see the difference a good duct cleaning service can make for your indoor air quality and the efficiency of your HVAC equipment!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Keeping your dryer vent clean can help improve the efficiency of your laundry dryer and reduce the risk of fire in your home. The dryer vent is designed to release the moisture from your clothes outside in the form of steam. That moisture can carry dust, debris and lint with it, eventually clogging the exhaust. This clog makes it harder for your dryer to pull the moisture from your clothes and the buildup of debris is highly flammable.

Indoor Air Quality

Dust, dander and chemicals are part of everyday life. While a homeowner cannot completely eliminate exposure to these contaminants, a clean duct system can significantly improve air quality inside your home. At Tom Rostron, we offer comprehensive duct cleaning services in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, so your home can be as comfortable and safe as possible.