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The weather in Monmouth and Ocean Counties can be quite beautiful during the Spring and summer. As most residents know, however, excessive heat can make for a very uncomfortable summer, especially when your air conditioning unit isn’t working at peak performance. A lot of people think that just because they have AC, they’ll be fine for when the extremely warm weather hits. In reality, however, an AC unit can break down at any time if it hasn’t been looked at by a trained professional in the recent past.


For homeowners, there’s no fear that can compare to a house fire. Sadly enough, one of the leading causes of fires in the U.S. is dirty dryer vents. Add to this the concerning fact that many people pay little to no attention to the cleanliness of their dryer vents, and the potential for disaster is quite clear. Cleaning your dryer vent is essential to the safety and well-being of you and your family.

Many homeowners are well aware of the fact that air sealing can make a big difference when it comes to energy efficiency. When it comes to actually understanding the finer points of air sealing, however, many often fall short. Unsurprisingly, there are a number of different spots in the home that are strong candidates for air sealing.

For many homeowners, saving money is of the utmost importance, and why wouldn’t it be? Winter is always a reminder of just how much money energy expenses can add up to. There are plenty of ways to save on home energy costs, but it takes knowing about them to move forward. Often, savings can come in the form of rebates, and not taking advantage of them is a big mistake. Here’s what your contractor may not be telling you.

For many homeowners, understanding the inner workings of the home can be quite a challenge. There are often many factor working at once; after all, home performance depends heavily upon each system within the home working in tandem with one another. Ductwork is one of the more important systems found within your home and often comes up in discussions revolving around home improvement — specifically duct cleaning and duct sealing.

As you might expect, there are undeniable differences between cleaning and sealing the ducts within your home. So, which is right for you?

No matter how you feel about the fact that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this year, there’s no getting around the fact that the warmer weather of spring is not exactly right around the corner. Monmouth and Ocean Counties have seen quite a bit of cold weather so far this winter, and it’s not looking to be over anytime soon. Instead of sitting back and attempting to ride out the winter, it’s time to take control and take action on your home. The best way to start is with a home energy audit.

Residents in Monmouth and Ocean counties have enough to worry about this time of year. Feeling cold in your own homes shouldn’t be added to the list. The winter has already proven to be a rough one, and dealing with heat loss isn’t something homeowners should need to worry about. For many people, however, getting to the bottom of sources that might be causing heat loss can be easier said than done. Fortunately, understanding where and why heat loss most often occurs isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Take a moment to think about the quality of the air you and your family breathe each day. Unless you’ve actually had your home evaluated, it can be incredibly difficult to tell whether or not your indoor air quality is actually up to par. While you can occasionally smell poor air, it can also be odorless, affecting you and your family in a multitude of ways. Add to this the fact that dirty ducts may be adding to your energy bills each month, and it stands to reason why it’s so important to focus on fixing what could be a potentially bad situation.

Each winter when the cold weather rolls in, so too do a variety of headaches for residents of Monmouth and Ocean County communities. Many people don’t even realize that their homes are affected by ice dams, which are essentially ridges that form at the edge of a roof and prevent snow from properly melting and draining. Ice dams can cause plenty of issues, including as damage to walls, insulations and ceilings.

How can you keep this nasty weather issue from becoming a problem for your home? The first step is to gain an understanding of how they form in the first place.

For those who are also looking to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home, financial concerns can be omnipresent.  Don’t let financial worry get in the way of making an upgrade to your home! Jersey residents can enjoy substantial benefits from taking advantage of today’s promising rebate programs. Read on to learn about various ways Tom Rostron, through partnering with various incentive programs, can help save this winter.