With the summer heat closing in, are you all set for it? The subject of air conditioner installations often leaves many homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean Counties in NJ with numerous questions. Understanding what to expect from an air conditioner repair company is crucial to ease your mind and gear you up for a smooth and efficient AC installation process. Read on to discover what you can anticipate from an AC installation with Roston Premium Home Services.

The AC installation journey commences much before the AC unit reaches your doorstep. If we’ve serviced your home before, we will send one of our experienced sales representatives to conduct an exhaustive analysis of your home to pinpoint the most suitable AC unit for your needs. The size and layout of your home and your cooling preferences are all considered during this process. Hence, expect a professional team to visit on-site for an all-encompassing assessment and consultation.

If we’ve visited your home previously, we may bypass this step and provide you a free estimate over the phone! Being one of the leading ac companies in NJ, we’ve partnered with numerous home builders to install furnaces in countless new construction homes. If your home falls into this category, we already possess your home’s dimensions and furnace details, allowing us to recommend the perfect AC right over the phone—eliminating the need for an in-person estimate!

The Main Event: AC Installation

Once the perfect unit for your home has been chosen, the next phase is the installation itself. This includes safely removing and disposing of your old unit (if any), followed by carefully installing your new AC at its designated spot. All wiring and ductwork are meticulously set up to ensure optimal system performance. This part of the air conditioner installation process is often the most exciting for many homeowners as they witness the return on their investment!

Our team will perform a series of tests to guarantee everything functions as intended, scrutinizing the overall system and ensuring all electrical connections are safe, secure and the cooling function is effective. We consider our job done only when we’re certain your new air conditioner is operating flawlessly.

In addition, we’ll guide you through the operation and maintenance of your new AC unit, explaining features, controls, and suggested maintenance routines to ensure you’re fully equipped to enjoy your new cooling system.

Aftercare: Our Post-Installation Support

One of the most substantial benefits of collaborating with a professional air conditioner repair company like Roston Premium Home Services for your installation is our unwavering commitment to our clients. We understand that your AC system might require adjustments or service over time, so we ensure continued post-installation service.

Roston Premium Home Services: Your AC Maestro

Installing a new air conditioning unit entails more than just plugging it in. It’s an extensive process that includes detailed planning, safe and professional installation, rigorous testing, and responsive follow-up services. Now that you know what to expect, you can fully enjoy your new, efficient cooling system.

If you are looking for AC companies in NJ and its surrounding areas, please call or contact us online today. Rostron Premium Home Services has been aiding homeowners and businesses with AC maintenance, installation, and repair since 1989.